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Die besten Chancen auf ein Weiterkommen. Honduras und Ecuador sind dagegen Aussenseiter. Das Durchschnittsalter der Schweizer ist vergleichsweise jung. Nur drei Spieler sind 30 Jahre alt oder alter. Das erste Gruppenspiel bestreiten expire von Ottmar Hitzfeld betreuten Schweizer gegen Ecuador. Danach heisst der Gegner Frankreich. Die dritte und letzte Partie in der Vorgruppe ist gegen Honduras zu bestreiten.

WM Trikot Schweiz – Expire Schweizer mit weissem Kreuz auf rotem Hintergrund
In der Mitte ist das Logo von Puma eingearbeitet und die Enden der Armel sind. (Trikot Schweiz bei Amazon) Das uberwiegend weisse Auswartstrikot ist von gleichem Layout wie das Heimtrikot und unterscheidet sich am Kragen und durch das fehlende Kreuz. Auf dem Rucken ist das Wort “Suisse” fur Schweiz zu lesen.

WM Trikot Frankreich – Die Franzosen wie gewohnt
Umso schwerer fallt da der Ausfall des Ausnahmekonners Franck Ribery ins Gewicht. Das erste Spiel. Nachster Gruppengegner von Didier Deschamps’ Mannen ist dann die Schweiz. (Trikot Frankreich bei Amazon) Das letzte Spiel. Hersteller der franzosischen Dresse ist Nike. Das pelt Heimspiele vorgesehene Trikot ist dem bekannten weissen Kragen. Das Verbandsabzeichen der Franzosen ist gleichfalls weiss. Das Auswartstrikot hat die Besonderheit, dass es einen Rundhalskragen mit drei Knopfen hat. In Verbindung mit dem klassischen Wappen erinnert es wie auch das Heimtrikot an das Clothing von 1958. Die Hosen dazu sind dunkelblau und die Stutzen sind weiss.

WM Trikot Ecuador – Ecuador prasentiert seine Nationalfarben
Erster Gruppengegner der Ecuadorianer ist die Schweiz. Im darauffolgenden Spiel treffen sie auf Honduras. Gegner. Traditionell enthalten die Heimtrikots expire Farben Gelb, Rot und Blau. Hier sind auch die Worte “Mas Que El Sol Contemplamos Lucir” zu lesen. Dieser Auszug aus der ecuadorianischen Nationalhymne bedeutet ubersetzt: Heller als die strahlende Sonne die wir sehen. Genauso ist das Auswartstrikot strukturiert mit dem Unterschied, dass dieses uberwiegend wahrend die zugehorige Hose weiss ist.

WM Trikot Honduras komplett in Hellblau
Los Catrachos, wie die honduranischen Kicker genannt werden, haben allenfalls Aussenseiterchancen. Gleich ersten Spiel bekommen sie es mit den Franzosen zu tun im. Anschliessend geht es gegen Ecuador. Im letzten Vorrundenspiel treffen sie auf die Schweizer. Ausruster von Honduras ist der Sportartikelhersteller Joma. Sowohl Heim- wie auch Auswartsdress enthalten die Nationalflagge des Landes. (Trikot Honduras bei Amazon) Expire Kragen und Armelenden des in weiss gehaltenen Heimtrikot sind hellblau abgesetzt. Diese Worte bedeuten Honduras, Vertrauen, Respekt, Mut, Ehrlichkeit, Einstellung. Auf der unteren rechten Seite befindet sich interessanterweise ein QR Code. Das Auswartstrikot ist die simple Umkehr der Farben: Aus weiss wird hellblau und umgekehrt.

Rain Doesn’t Put a Damper on Foley Enjoyment Days

FOLEY — The significant rain and powerful winds did not stop people from having a good time (Monday).

The rain cleared up just in time where about 125 racers strapped for the event on their running shoes to start the 5k Run.
Foley native Ryan Faith was a participant. Foley says he was prepared to run the occasion rain or shine.
“I was going to run it no matter what, simply expected the rain would go away by the time it began and it did for the most part,” says Faith.
Faith ended third in the big event and he says the wind didn’t effect him even though it was howling.
“You felt it for a bit in the first half of the course, but then the second half of the class it was at your back for the most part,” says Faith.


Nike continues their soccer style streak with the 2014 FIFA World Cup right around the corner

With the release of a limited edition Mojo sunglass model for their popular Vision line, Nike continues their soccer style streak with the 2014 FIFA World Cup right around the corner.
The Mojo combines functionality with relentless vitality, and draws inspiration from the recently released Magista boot of Nike. Steve Tripi, Marketing Director at Marchon (Nike Vision’s licensing company) says, “Soccer takes the stage this summer, so there was no better time for us to introduce the style. The vibrant shade is perfect for summer, and we’re thrilled to offer something for our supporters who’ll be tuned into the coming tournament.”

That said, the eyeglasses are undoubtedly not sports fan exclusive. Tripi stressed that while the Mojo is all athlete friendly, it’s also made for “someone who simply wants to make a stylish statement with their eyewear.”

They’ll be available for other Nike Vision dealers for $125 and purchase at Cohen’s Fashion Optical locations.

Lastly, technology is used for by a worthwhile.

Everyone knows that the more you may spend over a set of shades, the faster you lose them. Death and lost sunglasses: these three factors are guaranteed.
I will claim with confidence that is 99% that I’ll never spend $350 over a pair of shades. One, since I’m inexpensive. Before I even got my credit card statement two, as the last pair of $100+ shades I held were swallowed whole from the Atlantic Sea. The $30 set I purchased to displace them? They appear to follow-me around like a Twitter consumer pursuing a roving food truck. I can’t move ‘em.

- a $350 couple of shades that hook up to your iPhone’s notion in case you drop them appears to be an improved usage of $350 when compared to a $350 couple of glasses that don’t and something connect and alert you.

These Tzukuri shades will soon be available toward the finish of the entire year for about $350 (the company appears to be hinting at some sort of crowdfunding plan, promising early backers a $100 discount) and connect via minimal-power Bluetooth to an iPhone application. An Android model will undoubtedly be in the works once BLE (the Wireless Low-Energy standard) becomes more pervasive on Android handsets.

In case you wander off without your glasses, the app can inform you at 50 feet , 32 feet and 16 feet. The cups have a range of 82 toes, in case you lose them and their last-known site may be plotted on a map,. The technology todo all of this material is loaded into a little three-millimeter chip concealed inside the cups, which can be recharged via solar energy.
Tzukuri framesTzukuri

As the cups they’re outrageous for. And I mean that as being a supplement. They’re handcrafted each taking up to three weeks to cobble together. You’ll find six designs available, each paying homage to somebody popular (whether genuine or fictional): Atticus Finch, JFK, Tom Ford, John Lennon, Grace Kelly and Truman Capote. As accounts, you will find prescription glasses while in the works at the same time.

I’ll guess you a dollar that none of them would suit my massive cranium. My jam seems to be dropping expensive glasses within the water, although though: These things may warn me easily walk-away from their store. And a fickle mistress is she’sed by that ocean…. There’s no getting them back once she takes your hues.

Plant a tree in its 5480 Forest for every pair of sunglasses

ZEAL Optics will plant a tree in its 5480 Forest for every pair of sunglasses or in the brand’s Boulder showroom
“At ZEAL Optics, we’re constantly looking for ways to decrease our footprint and increase our devotion to being the most sustainable sunglass Company on the planet,” said ARDOR President John Sanchez. “Whether It’s using biodegradable Materials in our frames, removing oil-established resins from our Entire sunglass line, or enlarging our Rapidly growing 5480 Woods, we Don’t Consider It’s platitude to say that Earth Day is Routine at ZEAL.”

The 5480 Woods Attempt was Began in June of 2013 with ARDOR‘s obligation to put 5,480 trees each year as part and a partnership with American Forests

“We are excited to grow this endeavor,” continued Sanchez about the ARDOR 5480 Forest, whose name comes from the altitude of ZEAL’s offices. “We believe in doing our part thus that the forests we place pictures of in our advertising, catalogues and advertising contents are around for generations in the future. Someday I’d like to walk our customers, friends and my family through these woods.”

The idea came about after seeing the devastation that pine beetles have wrought across the home state of Colorado of ZEAL. Over the last decade-plus, the beetles, which were historically dormant in the wintertime months due to chilly temperatures, have stayed active year round and are decimating the Rocky Mountains’ lodgepole pine woods, entirely changing the range’s ecosystem and exposing the place to acute fire hazard due to the Tremendous sweeps of standing dead trees. The beetles are estimated to have killed more than 70% of Colorado’s 1.5 million acres of lodgepole woods and are anticipated to finish their work, leaving an area the size of Rhode Island barren in their wake.

ZEAL Decided to require matters to another degree with Endeavor 5480 and this season‘s Earth Day effort and Harvests and repurposes the dead trees to mitigate fire Risk by utilising beetle kill wood.

“All of our shades are actually grown from plants, and We’re excited to continue to close that loop by Placing saplings from those seeds of change,” Comprises Sanchez.

About ZEAL Optics: Proudly the sustainable sunglass Company in the entire world, ARDOR designs and crafts every sunglass from renewable plant-based stuff. ARDOR can additionally be known for revolutionizing the goggle Market with the first GPS goggle and the High Definition Camera Goggle. Based in Boulder, Colo., USA, ZEAL is a boutique brand focusing on handcrafted quality eyewear assemble for life Exterior.

KARA’s member Goo Hara’s sunglass photo shoot was released.

The international brand Oakley released their new photo shoot today and picked Goo Hara as their 2014 model.

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In the picture shoot titled ‘who’s myself’, Goo Hara wore various styles of sunglasses, showing her charm.

One representative said, “Goo Hara, who is been showing various charms through other photo shoots met with Oakley, creating another facet of charm.”